Founded in 1962, Mc Lauren has long been a famous knitwear brand. However, in the 1990s all traces were lost of the fine handmade shetland creations, until an italian entrepreneur, mindful of the brand’s heritage and tradition, decided to relaunch it.

Having produced knitted garments for Lanvin, Missoni, D&G and more, they are creating a handmade product using only the best yarns with italian craftsmanship.

Today Mc Lauren’s collections are 100% made in Italy and redesigned in a contemporary key which is translated into fine elegance, which combines retro style with innovation.

Every Mc Lauren garment resembles a tailor-made item, not a mass produced one. Some models are still woven by patient hands, the custodians of ancient skills.

Mc Lauren can be found in some of the best stores globally incuding united arrows, beams, isean etc…